Fare Thee Well

We all started as strangers And everyone seems new on our eyes. We may overcome the possibilities of danger Without knowing that they’re some of the angel in disguise. Our friendship grows naturally And every heart was fueled with fire intensively. We may act like innocent ones, But when the fire’s burning we’re ll fighting... Continue Reading →


Perks of Having a Sister

Most of the teenagers like me this time are very much annoyed in having a sister or sibling. I’m not saying that all of the teenagers, but, more often than not. We live in the 21st century and we cannot change the mindset of people on the early generations to act as perfectly as them.... Continue Reading →


WHY IS MY MOM MY SUPERHERO I remember when I was a kid, I’m always crying when my mom left for work and I need not to see her until morning. And as a nurse, it’s our advantage of having her as a mom for the unending care emotionally and physically and that we even... Continue Reading →


Self love - two words that can touch someone’s life if it is being respected and lived out wisely. Why does self love is important? Why it should be the top most goal of everybody? I have been through lot in life - disrespected, heartaches cause of love, friendship and even hatred. Through those years... Continue Reading →

APHELION: A finale towards new beginnings

As every students dream, a prom or graduation ball is most likely their "most awaiting event in school" where they party and gallivant as a pre-celebration that students are almost over with school. With the efforts of the Parents-Teachers Association, CHST Graduation ball was pushed through and that happened on March 16, 2018 at the... Continue Reading →

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