Do you ever criticized yourself and say that you’re not enough?  Did you ever compare and destroy yourself just to be the person you desperately idolized? Did that one person reciprocate the things that you have sacrificed the most? If not, stop comparing yourself from other people because it’s exasperating to see them being unique and you’re not

The Philippines – one of the countries which make gender, lovelife, weight, height, skin color, social status, gadget, branded material and beauty are such a BIG deal. I’m not here to push down the country’s current status but I’m here to tell everyone not to stay in that kind of mentality.

An unequivocal is not present. It is not something that we can conduct. If you think you’re not good enough, think again. We’re living in a world packed of judgment and hatred, I know but being you will not prevent it either. Some people even go to beauty clinics for some skin enhancements even though they’re not ugly; they just put aversion in the way they think of themselves.

In generation Z, when you’re not following the prevalent trends, you are not suitable in the society. Why the world does go like that?  If you’re not intelligent, not pretty or physically unattractive, you will be getting hatred and will be bashed from other people maybe because they want all people to be perfect for they believe they are. On the other hand, if you are perfect, you will lasso the attention of the people. I grant, I have pimples, I have double chin even though I am thin, I am small and my underarm   is not perfect. I am not as gorgeous as the society demands from me.

The people who you really sees perfectly beautiful may feel that they’re not good enough. A single person is always not good enough but you should count your blessings twice so that your worth will be enough and not see the things that you don’t have. Maybe not all are academically-inclined but you can substantiate that you can inspire other people in your own ways and intelligence.

I may not be beautiful and perfect but I truly believe that I still can shine on my own. I will illuminate for others and for myself as well. I don’t have to be perfectly beautiful just to prove that I belong in this society because I don’t feel the need to do that. And lastly, “being beautiful doesn’t always come physically because you will feel it in your heart freely.”


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