I am very much happy that I experienced playing under the sun while my grandmother keeps on yelling at me and tries to pull me inside our house to stay but to be specific, I am here to tell you the things that I did before internet takes over


  1. I Watched Encantadia, Darna, Majika, Captain Barbell and a lot more

As a family, we watched these series to take out all our problems in a while and also, it is our leisure time to relax and be with each other’s company. I don’t know if all families are like that but for us, we love those kinds of bonding – one episode per week and not like today, you could watch your favorite series online anytime and anywhere.


  1. I bike

I love biking before. At 4pm, we will start biking and of course, we borrow bikes from each other also for our relationship with each other would last longer. My cousins and I go biking from the near cemetery to our plaza and we will not stop until when our grandmother starts to shout and be angry.


  1. I went to the library to make my project

Yes, I go to the library before. I remember this instance when I was in grade 4, we had a project about ‘Jose Rizal’ and we have to know what happened to his life and all. It’s already 5:30pm and I’m still in the library copying his biography and I didn’t know that my school bus driver was very angry that time for I didn’t notice the time and what surprised me the most, when I went home, my mom already finished my project and I questioned her how did she come up with those answers in a small amount of time and she answered “internet” and that was the first time that I know the word “internet” and that the internet knows everything.


  1. I play under the sun
  • Hide and seek – I believe every child played this. Every night, we are outside our house and playing hide and seek with my cousins, siblings and mostly, our neighbors. Our house is near a school so sometimes, we go inside and hide but also, sometimes, I hide in the nearby house. That time, my father is my great enemy because he’s following the municipal’s curfew hour so when we already hear the siren, my father will shout at me to stay in our house because the night’s getting longer.
  • Patintero – this one’s my favorite because I think I excel in this game BEFORE. This is how it is being played: first, you will be divided into two groups. The first group will run from the starting point to the ending point but once the first group is playing, the second group will hinder them from passing through. Once the group who is playing reaches the ending point, that group will have one point until the other group not makes the first group to win.
  • Softball – yes, I play softball but I only know how to throw the ball and run. My cousins, neighbors and I play softball before but we do not have softball field so we only play it in our street and of course, if we only play in our street, there will only be a limited location and distance that our ball should go.
  • Badminton – I also consider this as my favorite. I and my siblings are only the ones who have racket and shuttlecock so our playmates really make an effort to talk to our parents so that we can play. I remember that there was this instance that they can’t defeat me in playing also, that is the time that my teammates got angry with me because I did not let them play and that is the time that I started loving playing badminton.
  • Chinese Garter – this is my weakness but other’s favorite. One of the perks of being small is, I can’t reach the garter or the rubber bands when playing. And whenever I play, I am the one making my “rope” or “garter” which is from rubber bands.
  1. Doll house & Barbies

Aside from playing outside with other people, I also play inside the house and giving myself enough time in playing alone. Most of my barbies don’t have legs, arms or heads because I always break it. When we go to mall every weekend, I always ask my mom if she could buy me doll house so that my barbies are having house.


  1. Paper doll

Yes, aside from barbies, paper dolls are always the character in my play. I love paper dolls much as I wanted barbies because barbies only have one to two dresses available but in paper dolls, they have many clothes, I still can make bunch of dresses through papers everyday.


I stopped playing these things when I was in grade because I think that is not what I wanted anymore but I’m so happy that my childhood is as vibrant as I am. I am so blessed to make and enjoy my childhood days planning inside with some gadgets. I will not derelict those memories and I promise that I will hearsay it not to brag but to tell everyone that my life had been wonderful even before internet takes over.



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