AMORANTO, Ariandna Nerisse

“Suffocating effects of todays Instant System”


Nowadays, everything is instant because of different gadgets and internet. Sometimes, the excessive usage of these gadgets can bring a lot of harm not just to other people but also to the user of it. In our generation today, bashing, side comments and sharing are rampant. Because we always think and we always believe on ourselves that we are superior than other people, we tend to judge them and create an actions that can harm them emotionally, mentally and spiritualy. Propaganda often happen in the world of politics. It is expected that a particular party will create a propaganda against its opponents. Because of this kind of unethical and unjust act,people are compared to as a poison. Weaponizing the internet means to spread something on the internet that will cause harm and may be bring someone’s dignity down. To weaponize means to make it possible to use something to attack a person or group. In the current situation of the internet particularly in the different social media, may people are weaponizing other people because they want their side to win from the other side even though it is clear that their arguments are not that stong to support what they want to prove.

For me, there are lots of dangers in doing a propaganda. First, it removes the just society that we expect to have. If we let those people who are always spreading false news and informations just to dirt the name of other people, the fairness and justice will not maintain in the state. Second, it kills lives. Many claims that propaganda can weaken someones seld esteem; it can make them feel that they’re lives are not worth living for because of the fake news that are attacking them. Sometimes, people who are expriencing it don’t know how to handle it and it will push him to cut his life. Lastly, it is inhumane, spreading false informtion about someone is like removing his rights as a person. Every each of us deserves to be treated right, we are all equall so no one deserves to be treated as animals and no one has the rights to do inhumane act towards any person.

In conclusion, internet and gadets bring a lot of change in the world, using it can help us to be more rational and aware of what are happening around us, but we should always remember that limitations is a must. People are smarter than its inventions so we should be responsible on using it and don’t let it control or feelings for it will surely destroy someone’s life.


ARIBE, Sophia Anne

It is saddening to know that people are using the advancement of technology in today’s time wrongly. The Internet is supposed to be used as a tool for sharing correct knowledge and information to educate other people through the means of social media. Information spreads fast in social media whether correct or wrong and this is both a bad and a good thing. A good thing because people easily believe and learn from these infos, and a bad thing because not all information from the Internet is authentic.


Weaponizing the internet was defined as “death by a thousand cuts” from an article on Rappler, this means that people are creating numerous fake accounts to jeopardize the truth from the Internet, with these fake accounts as weapons. Weaponizing the Internet means hiding the whole truth and manipulating people. These are made to flood our news feeds with political advocacies and to trick our minds into believing in something that is, most likely, a fallacy.


Propaganda itself is not a good thing because these are ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are made to be shared for an aspiring political leader, a cause, a government, etc. These are information that should not be believed in. The real dangers of propaganda is that it can destroy a person’s reputation and life by spreading information that are not authentic. Propaganda can place false information to the minds of the ones reading it, it can also manipulate one’s mind set and thinking. It hides the truth and make people believe in something that is not true, and it robs other people’s chance to learn and be educated with the correct information. Propaganda must be avoided and stopped so that no false data would circulate around the Internet and for the netizens to be equipped with the correct and appropriate ideas and information.


After reading the article, I just hope that people learn their lesson and know the difference between a true and a false information and that people may stop the spreading of rumors and fallacies over the internet because it is not helpful, but rather, it is a burden not just to the readers but also to the society.

BORBON, Princess



What does weaponizing the internet means? Weaponize means to use as a weapon well, basically, weaponizing the internet is like using the internet as a tool to new doors of opportunities and threats.


In our present times we are a step forward in the usage of internet however rampant spread of propagandas are being exposed and eating our mind sets in different ways. Based on what I have read a large number of people was deceit on false information because they thought the man behind the bombing incident was caught after it but it was a propaganda technique to gain the sympathy of all to do a certain act and it is to believe. Exposure to propaganda is inevitable most of us have faced it already but it is immoral because you lie to make other’s believe, example, remember the malicious tag about Mirriam Santiago? She was assumed to be “BRENDA”. It was hurled at her against her presidential candidacy it was stated that Mirriam Santiago has a brain damage to put her mental state in doubt. It was a propaganda technique so that people will believe and will not vote for her, another one is Senator Grace Poe who is still swarm around with connotation that she is actually the offspring of an illicit relationship between a former President and a former actress. It is actually a form of propaganda. It is a misleading nature wherein people tend to believe in it without knowing the fact behind the issues stated. Especially now that anyone can post and express their thoughts in internet without the approval of professionals if it’s objective or just subjective.


In conclusion to this I have come to realize that it is in our hands to identify the truth. In times we will come to realize that what we are believing is just a mislead information so we have to seek out for the truest truth. We should not trust on what we read especially if it comes from the internet, because not all are true.

CARUZ, Johannah

Internet is one of the best way to share and seek information but it also has positive and negative effects to the people. People nowadays, use internet as a weapon to threaten and spread false accusations to the people. This type of situation is called “Weaponizing” this term means that people use media as a form of spreading false and exaggerated issues, it leaves a bad impression to a person who is affected by the situation.


On September 3, 2013, the day after the Davao bombing, according to that an anonymous Facebook account began to share a post about “Man with bomb nabbed at Davao checkpoint.” This issue rapidly spread and became the top ten most talked about issue in 2016. This situation led the readers and viewers to think negatively about Duterte. At that time President Duterte declared that the aftermath of the bombing is not regulated by the rules. The next example is posted by Peter Tiu Lavena, Duterte’s campaign spokesman, who posted a picture in Facebook wherein he talks about a 9- year old who was raped and murdered. He attacked the critics about their campaign for “War and Drugs.” There are many disinformation campaigns that make and spread fake news: social media campaigns should share truthful and talks only about facts.


This deceitful acts can torture and affects people’s lives in a bad way. In order for us to stay away from disinformation or fake news we should always ignore them. Social media can be tricky you can encounter different websites that share fake news to other people. As a literate person you should know how to evaluate and locate information that is factual. Be a keen observer and always think critically in the things you read in media. In everything that you read always make sure to have a concrete evidence to prove that this statement is telling the truth.

DE GUZMAN, Aira Jane

“Social Media: a channel of Propaganda”

The use of internet is a channel to spread manipulated and false information to hide the truth by posting it to social media. These are operated by trolls through the power of bots and fake accounts. How this activity would affect the society?

Through social media, we are able to post anything we want. With just one click, our post could go viral or trending. It is widely known in using it to destroy a personality. Especially when it is time for campaign, we are exposed to a lot of distorted image of each candidate.

Sometimes, we just depend in the social media like Facebook in gathering news. However, we do not know is most of it are just made up stories that the majority believed in, where they would even share and like it. Those trolls aim to hide the truth by posting false information and make it spread so easily in order for the information to read by several users of Facebook. Unfortunately, this happened not only once but countless of times now. We are shaped by these trolls, and we don’t even know it.

There are numerous of ways in doing propaganda, it could be through any media they would choose. It’s just up to us if we would believe in immediately or be critical when information is given to us.



DULCE, Rizel

In the Philippines, internet is now mainstream, everything is in here. Filipinos use social media in both positive and negative ways which sometimes can affect other people. Weaponizing the internet is now being done, propaganda is everywhere. But why is it happening?


Weaponizing the internet is a way where in they state half-truths informations by using the power of bots and fake accounts. We are living in a country full of trolls which hypnotize most of us. One more thing is the propaganda, a false and exaggerated informations especially of a biased or misleading nature. We should not let these lies to enter our life, our social life. We have the rights to know the truth not hidden from the truths. Especially when election 2016 was happening, internet is also being used. Social media was a factor in electing the new president. They used for polls and even in propaganda. I might say that election 2016 was one of the worst election in the history because they used social media to brainwash people and get their vote. Mostly are the supporters of President Digong, they were all over the social media to get the support and vote from the people. They are doing everything just to say to everyone that the one they support deserves to win the presidency. The worst things is they are doing this because they are being paid, easy money it is. They often disregard truth and manipulate emotions. Also, since then death threat rate increased. People are biased, especially the Duterte supporters. If they saw someone who is against them or against the Duterte administration, they send something that would threaten him/her, even the reporters and journalists.
I am so disappointed because most of the Filipinos are not aware of what they are doing. They do not know that they are already being fooled by their fellow citizens. It dismays me and it is very sad to think that those people, who are involved in this propaganda, are not thinking that they are fooling someone already. They keep on doing this because of money, their eye is on the price. People should stop weaponizing the internet and doing this propaganda thing. It is a toxic for everybody and even for our country. I think one of the most effective way to stop what they are doing is to stop tolerating them. Social media is a powerful tool so if we use it in a wrong way many things will be affected, our livelihood and even the quality of Philippine democracy.




Weaponizing the Internet”

We all know that social media is liberated once you react or make a comment on a certain subject or post others will follow. Most of the people especially the government used propaganda to get the attention of the people. Weaponizing the internet means that this is the base or support for communication for an active weapon for attacks. They say that weaponizing the internet is used for campaign because most of the government officials used fake accounts and bot their target is to get the attention of the people even if the news is not true.

We didn’t recognize that the internet abused us. Propaganda on social media is being used to manipulate public opinion. Propaganda is a form of communication  influencing the attitude or changing a person mindset toward some issues or problems. The government used propaganda to gain social power they even used bot in many ways such as using hashtags or twitter,it signals a bot to message your account . There are a lot of disinformational campaigns we’ve seen in social media yet we still continue to give opinions without noticing the truth behind all of these. A lot of fake accounts work together for the government and bot to manipulate emotions,make doubt and confusion they disregard the truth just to get an attention to the people. I can that in our generation today social media is the new battle ground, you cant just win an argument by just posting or commenting on a certain situation but nowadays people are becoming more immature when it comes to this. For example, last year election there is a rappler posted a certain news and people started talking about this, the Anti and Pro Duterte started arquing about this without noticing where the news came from. Later on Duterte says something about this issue and they found out that news is not true. They say that they did this for the campaign and to get the attention of the people.

Not all the information or news on social media are true sometimes they just want an attention that is why there’s a lot of false information on social media because we let ourselves  engage on it. We should be information literate in many ways. We should not let social media abuse us, we have to be more responsible in using the social media and it’s our job to use this in a good way not to spread false information.

 HILARIO, Ma. Ysabela

Due to the growth of the internet and the sudden technological change in the 21st century, the propaganda is very rampant. There is propaganda everywhere and it slowly shapes how people live their lives.  But until when will we let propaganda influence us? Until when will we let ourselves be fooled by propaganda?


As a teenager who is growing up in world where the internet and other technology is an essential part of everyday living, I got scared and at the same time disappointed after knowing about the propaganda war happening in today’s time. I never imagined that trolls have transformed and have found a way to use the internet as their weapon. They are now weaponizing the internet by merging the power of bots which was defined by Maria Ressa as the program used in giving an automated response to the posts on social media to create a perception that there’s tidal wave of public opinion, and fake accounts on social media to manipulate real people. Because propaganda is the information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view, the real dangers of propaganda are the following: It can be used to cause damage and degrade people, can be used to dehumanize and create hatred towards a person, and can sow disinformation, fear and hatred among the netizens. The perfect example of this are the claims meant to tarnish Vice President Leni Robredo’s reputation. During the campaign, she was said to have received P500 million just to agree to be vice presidential candidate and running mate of Mar Roxas. Then after this failed, another absurd story about her was issued. These issues were obviously intended to ruin Robredo’s public image.


In conclusion, propaganda, no matter what we do, is an unavoidable force. We may not stop something unstoppable like the propaganda, but Rappler has given us ways that we can do to be not easily influenced and convinced by propaganda. These are understanding what’s happening and working together to separate fact from fiction. And as George Orwell wrote: “One defeats the fanatic precisely by not being a fanatic oneself.”


GOMEZ, Lianne Joyce


The real dangerous of propaganda is the innocent people are always their victim in any circumstances. Real issue dies at natural death since fake news is in and the people behind it earns a lot of money. Bod publicity always won and they get attentions from the majority of Filipinos. They abuse the use of social media and worst of it the law of governing. The use of proper media is not strict in implementing rules and regulations since no one is brave enough to file or complain testify in proper court.

All walks of life and even young generations abuse the use of Social Media. There is no privacy at all. That is why parental guidance is advice. Yes we have freedom of speech and we are in democratic government. But we should know that there is always limitations in what we do. Be good and responsible person. As the saying goes “think before you click.


LAPID, Jezzaine

“Warning: Malware Detected!”


It is evident that technology have come a long way. What used to be possible became impossible. What used to be done by machines became an activity for people. What used to be counterfeit became genuine. Through technology itself, the world, as we know it, became an alternative route for knowledge and ethical behavior.

One of the major contributions of technology is the internet —what was once a source of undisclosed crimes became beneficial to the community. We should not be vigilant, for the internet is a realm of certainty. We do know which among the information found online are credible and lawful. In today’s society, the internet is not used to divert attention, to gather unsolicited profiles, and to spread propaganda. You will not encounter stuffs such as: hoaxes, frauds, and fallacies.  The best scenario is, you will not find yourself believing to what is supposed to be a lie. You can expect what will be on your timeline or feed, and one thing’s for sure, none of it will cause you no good.


Be vigilant and not a villain. Look out for precautions; however, even some precautions are altered or worse, not true. Warning: malware detected!


LAPITAN, Carylle Angela

In today’s generation, social media has a big impact to our life. It’s like we can’t live without touching our gadgets and  scrolling on our phones.

Fake news is an update or news on the social media that is not true and reliable. When fake news will spread in the social media, many people will get affected. They will get affected because they will believe in the fake news because they thought that it was true. Social media is a big influence to people due to the trend of today’s generation. Fake news can rapidly spread for even a second in just one click of the share button on Facebook and retweet button on Twitter. When we scroll or surf in our gadgets when we saw an interesting article sometimes we share it without reading. This can be a beginning of fake news. In browsing on our gadgets we also need to be a media literate. This means that we need to access, analyse, evaluate and create media. Being a media literate we can avoid to be a victim of fake news.


LOGENTE, Laurraine

“It silenced people into submission. The trolls have find a way to weaponize the internet.”


Nowadays there are many accounts that has been used to support some arguments in social media, where those are only created to spread some sort false issues or news about different things, and some are uses to help one another in supporting something. They uses those acounts to show and let the public think that what they are saying are true and reliable because many people(accounts) followed, like and share their posts which they are actually the one who uses those fake accounts to follow, like and share what they had been posted.


On my own understanding and based from the article I read, weaponizing is a means of using the internet or the social media to control the minds of netizens and to manipulate their opinions on a certain issue. One of the best example of this – weaponizing, is what the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte did before the election. Months before R.R. Duterte declared that he will run as the president of the Philippines, his supporters quickly developed a group of netizens to control and make Duterte known in public as a good choice, a father of nation, deserved to be vote, and a powerful man that can save everyone. They uses different techniques and tactics to manipulate the minds and opinions of every individual, like when someone posted a bad thing or a bad image of R.R.D. they will use a lot of accounts to bash that someone who posted, they will show the public that the one who posted the picture is a judger or a dog of other parties who want Duterte to go down and have a bad reputation in social media. Weaponizing the internet is simply a way of controlling the image of a certain people in social media, it is all about hiding the truth and the facts by means of filtering.


Propaganda is an information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view. I think the real dangers of propaganda was the one who made different memes, typing different texts, and controlling the mouse, it is us or our fellow human being. Weponizing cannot be done without its controller. Propaganda cannot be distributed and showed to public if no one made it. That’s why I think, people are the real dangers of propaganda for they established those fake accounts and control those computers and any other electronic gadgets to spread all those filtered news.



MANUEL, Noreen Mae


We are living in a world full of people who are using internet in a wrong way. People will just simply share false news and information just to say that they belong in this society and that they contribute something in society but the truth is, they’re not and they’re unaware of what the real contribution is.

Internet seems interesting nowadays and people on the internet make a stand on what they believe in even though it’s not true. There are many examples to prove that internet and people become unaware of what they post online. In the article entitled, “Propaganda war: Weaponizing the internet” they made the bomb happened in Davao and people or netizens reacted on it freely without even thinking properly and without questioning themselves at first. People made a conclusion without even supporting evidences that what other people’s post are true. Also, one of the examples of these are celebrities for they are being paid in order to act their characters even though it is not their true identity and of course, due to mass media, people will make a story which has no evidence again. Lastly, people’s interest, perception and capabilities are changing because of media and others tend to become more effusive and they are in no way of facing the truth.

The portent in the internet is coming day by day and we cannot eradicate it slowly and easily. We do not know that technology may fall into this kind of reality for we aren’t that aware especially on what we are posting online.  The truths are being deprived because no one wants to search and to make sure for it. In order for us not to become mass media and technologically unaware, we shouldn’t put the blame on somebody and let us help in educating one another.



MARTINEZ, Pamela Andrea

“Weaponizing the Internet”

More and more, our technology becomes more advanced by the day, it becomes easier for us to access and view information. Even unauthorized people can do so, even us can also. The scary thing about this is that it is being used to manipulate things.

Basically it means using the internet as a weapon, using it to hack domains and databases to get classified and private information, even personal information. Internet is weaponized because it causes fabricated and altered information that the media shares, it makes information hidden and unknown to people. It hides the truth. Weaponizing means using it negatively and taking the internet for granted hence us being taken for granted. The internet is being used as a weapon, it is a threat, if used improperly, it is against ethics and law. It causes inimical circumstances. To do so can be detrimental, more so it can cause rebellion, corruption and identity theft.

We should all take action and let people know that we rights are being abused because of the internet protocol which is weaponizing it.


MIRANDA, Andrea Cresta

In the world today, where everything goes around the Internet and technology plays an important part on our lives, spreading fabricated and wrong news is as easy as 1, 2, 3. What we are reading in the Internet right now is not reliable anymore because of these Internet bots who are manipulating today’s technology. According to the article titled “Propaganda War: Weaponizing the Internet” by Maria A. Tessa, there are so many internet bots that are a huge influence in today’s social media.


According to Tessa, these political advocacy pages are engineered to take over your news feed that allows these accounts to create a social movement tht is widening the cracks in the country by exploiting economic, regional and political divides. We are greatly influenced by these articles and we keep sharing them even though we are not sure if these are facts or just another one of the thousand fabricated articles over the Internet. Tessa also stated that Duterte’s social media campaign threathened netizens who are anti-Duterte. Social media campaign team can be useful especially when there is an upcoming election. Promoting for the said candidate and making good articles about this candidate. But others took it on another level. We should not be deprived of the freedom that we deserve because it is our right. Threats and cyberbullying is a sin and must be taken into action. Different opinions shouldn’t lead to war, rather it must be used as a tool for diversity that will unite a workforce or country.


After all, social media is a powerful tool. It plays a big role in our lives, serving as a source and providing us the information that we need. Not only that, the social media helps us promote and allows us to voice out our opinions about certain issues. But we must also be reminded that if abused, the first casualty is the truth. It’s a lot easier to manipulate the social media today. So we should be careful in sharing news in social media. Let’s scrutinize the article that we’re reading first before sharing it. In that way we are able to help the Internet in improving better.


OCAMPO, Pauline N.


People who are weaponizing the internet are using the internet to attack other people and spread false news by making fake accounts to protect their identity and keep them from harm. Propagandas are used to weaponize the internet.

Propagandas can change one’s way of thinking especially to those people who are not educated enough to take time to confirm about the viral news or whatsoever. It makes numerous people believe in lies that will mislead them to the real story behind it. An example of this is when an article is shared on Facebook about a famous person who “died”, other people are not critical enough to take time and read the whole article, they just read the headline and believe everything. These people might share the false information not knowing that it’s a hoax. Another example is when person, let’s say, posts a negative comment about Company X, of course, numerous people will believe that mot knowing that the person who posted it was paid by Company Z just to make Company X look bad.

We need to open our eyes for better vision of the reality. We need to open our minds to understand better and to be aware of all the good and the bad around us. We need to open our mouth so we can voice out what we know and use it as a tool to help people be more critical of what the read, hear, and watch online and outside of the internet. You may have seen this or heard this many times, but let us not believe anything we see on the internet. Let us be critical. Let us be smart whenever we use the internet.


OGA, Cheska

 “The Society of Today”

Media has evolved through years. It gave the world positive effects in our lifestyle, on how we dress, how we act but most especially in communicating with other people around the globe. But due to lack of discipline and proper knowledge about it, people tend to abuse the media and use it in erroneous way.

According to an article entitled Propaganda War: Weaponizing the Internet, social media campaigns meant to shape public opinion, tear down reputations, and cripple traditional media institution, which is relevantly true base from what is really happening nowadays. Indeed, it is disturbing how a false news or a propaganda can spread in a minute all over the world without even criticizing the content. Political, economical, social and global issues are the often targets of the propaganda, for it is one of their ways to threaten and sow fear on the people. It is really disappointing how a persons’ perception can be easily change because of what they see through media. It is such a dismay on how an unauthorized and unreliable source are undoubtedly being trusted by the citizens.

Media is both a hero and a villain to the world, it can raise awareness on a certain thing but it can also destroy lives in just a click. I am filled with gratitude that social media was created yet it is despairing to know how other people can be selfish enough to use this tool only for their own good. The articles under the article Propaganda War: Weaponizing the Internet is an open book for us to be aware that not all what we see as so called “news” on the internet are well founded and dependable because it may be untrue, bias or filtered. Remember, sooner or later our future might depend on the tip of our fingers.




“False Information”


Propaganda is the spread of information or ideas with the purpose of influencing feelings or actions. It will always be biased and usually negative. Internet is a world-wide communication network of computers. In other words, it is our variety of information and communication in order to expand our message. What if they will be combine?


From the published last 7:00 PM, October 03, 2016 by Maria A. Ressa entitled, “Propaganda War: Weaponizing the Internet.” The title itself gave an idea about this article. For example, “Man with bomb nabbed at Davao checkpoint” this is a disinformation. It led readers to think the man with the bomb was captured that day and let them spread the changed context as the headline. Reporters will use the FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) in order to spread negative information to cover their readers fear and weakness. They will use “positive-negative” words to take away their worry and the fear of beong affected about the problem. People should be affected too of what their readers will feel after reading a news. They have the power to do what is right in a bad way. The positive is that they don’t have the guts to be affected because they know that they are safe unless they take that propaganda as really negative. Sometimes the lie will serve the truth.


Internet is a really powerful tool. It will let the readers read propaganda that leads to positive. Why? Because they cannot tell if that is true or not. Internet will cover everything. Internet has 2 different faces as well as humans. Propaganda has a motto, “ words are powerful than actions.” It explains all that is why it influences the readers to do actions in a different way. If propaganda and internet had its collaboration, well a huge impact on us will be attain in our mind.


SAMSON, Alaine Anne

The article is all about spreading false information that can either ruin a person’s life or it can change the mindset of the person reading the article because many people just believe and don’t think if the source is reliable or not.


This simply mean that weaponizing the internet is the use of internet in spreading false information where many people is believing in this information without seeking if the site is trustworthy. For me I think the real danger of propaganda is  a generation has passed and most of society has no idea with the importance of the truth being revealed, because many people don’t prioritize the truth most of the people today easily believe anything that they can read without even scrutinizing every details of that article.


TIMBOL, Ricah Marie

The article “Propaganda War: Weaponizing the Internet” written by Maria Ressa is about the use of social media in spreading false information. In the article the writer talked about weaponizing the internet, this means that some people use the social media as a tool in spreading and making false information, chipping away facts and manipulating other people’s emotion. By posting and sharing you can make a person believe your thoughts and ideas.

Social Media is influential and powerful because it can disseminate information fast. An example for this is when President Duterte attacked and boycotts the media. Many people reacted and bashed the reporters in a vicious and personal way. The reporters have received messages such as bias, bayaran, oligarchs and click bait. Through the use of social media we can destroy a person’s dignity. There are ways to fabricate the truth like making fake accounts, use a bot and make anonymous pages.

The use of social media in spreading propaganda will easily affect our lives if we believe it right away and not verifying or knowing the truth first. It is sad to think that we use other people’s identity and make propaganda just to destroy other people’s dignity. In this 21st century, we must be aware on how to use the social media properly because it can make or break a person’s life.




“Poisons of the Internet”


Weaponizing the internet means using the internet as a medium to deliver or inaccurate information or to do deceitful act . It is merely using the internet like the last bullet wherein it will be the only way to kill.

Based on what I have read I have realized how propaganda can deceit a large number of people. Propaganda manages to works with our emotions for us to get an a certain action done and it is lying to make someone believe in and it’s real danger is propaganda tells people what they should think. It controls the mind sets of the masses. Honestly speaking I am against propaganda techniques. An example of this is the military using the propaganda techniques in order for us to believe war bonds and stamps to stimulate the economy, they want more guns, foods, steel and bullets. The second example is the extrajudicial killings, our President advocates the no drug campaign however killings are rampant don’t you think it is a propaganda in order for us to believe that our country is losing drug addicts and losing the numbers of crime? Propaganda can be used in many different ways. Most of us are eposed in to this and I believe that one reason of propaganda is to make people believe in something which is untrue to make them do a certain action.
I therefore conclude that propaganda is deceitful because without most people here realizing it, being more effective in that it takes advantage of the inability of some people to distinguish facts from bluffs. And that’s the cause why internet is being poisoned.


VILLA, Jeannie Mae

“Propaganda War: Weaponizing the internet”


Internet nowadays is manipulated by the hackers without you knowing it. In just one click you can easily manipulate the minds of the readers on the internet and change their perspective especially if they are not information literate person. Posting biased in specific person in the internet can lead to a big mistake.


Based on the article of Maria Ressa, social media is manipulating by the anonymous and fake account with many incidents. First, is being bias that these media groups are biased against Pres. Duterte’s administration. Media groups making our president look bad in the eyes of the people and to show people the only the bad effect of Pres. Duterte’s War on Drug. Second, is bayaran that journalists are paid and corruption. Journalist should state an only fact that’s why the people believe them but money is changing it. Therefore, the negative manipulation on the internet is no joke that we should not ignore it.


For I conclude if we should not remain clueless and not aware of our environment for we can easily be persuade and believe on what we see on the internet. Without knowing we can judge a wrong people and accuse them in the wrong information.


The Truth behind all lies


Internet is a source of information. It gives news, articles, entertainment and others to provide knowledge and ideas to people for them to know what is happening in our country or to the whole world. But does the information we get from the internet reliable? Or is it just a propaganda which means false and exaggerated informations?


As what in the article of Maria Ressa which is the “propaganda war: weaponizing the internet” it states that there are many news or information today that are half false. It means that people create false articles using bots and fake accounts just to gain attention. From this we should not easily trust social medias wherein there are a lot of propaganda.

“Weaponizing the internet” means that by the use of gadgets people can easily send or create false information or the disinformation by posting it on social media. By doing this, it can affect the mindset of the people.

For me the real dangers of propaganda is that the medias or social medias of today are the ones who control the minds of people and that is the reason why people easily believe in information that is posted on social media even if it is not true or the article they read is not reliable. Also it affects the behaviour of a person and of course if propaganda continue to rule the media more people will be deceived.


As an information literate we need to be more careful or be critical in choosing reliable sources. Also we should not easily believe in news or article especially if it is posted in social media and we should not let media control our lives .

VILLAR, Ma. Aleeana

In the article that I’ve read, I understood that weaponizing the internet means using the internet as a weapon to inform people and make them believe what is posted on a site. It is posting a false information to social media and people would react to it and tell that what’s posted is not real. Based on the article, it was posted that the bombing in Davao occurred when Pres. Duterte declared lawlessness. Instanly after this, people reacted that there is no truth about the bombing. With this, the real dangers in propaganda has been seen. It is when people posted false statement in social media. It can harm people when it’s not real. It is harmful that we attack a person instead of the issue itself. It may not only harmful to the one who is being attacked but especially to the one who is attacking. Also when someone posted on social media about a certain topic that is not true, the effect of it goes back to the one who posted. The reactions of people who knows the truth will only go back to the one who posted. Lastly, it is the risk of our own names when we do propaganda like this and that’s the real danger of it.


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