Why do I love VSCO CAM?




I’ve been an active user of instagram since 2013 and just like those 13-year-old girls who know nothing but to selfie and take many photos, I myself did that as well.
Before, I just post pictures of myself wearing those nerdy eyeglasses, loombands or even headphones without even noticing the quality of the pictures that I post. I just love the vanity rooted in me. I saw bloggers, actors and actresses posting good quality pictures with a nice caption and that’s the reason why I get jealous because my pictures online aren’t filled with sensible content. My inner self replied, “You love photos because you do and there’s no explanation over it” – yes, I do understand but sometimes, I feel that my posts aren’t related to others’ especially its quality. Last 2014, there is an app called VSCO CAM which my friends are using in order for their pictures to look amazing and beautiful. I downloaded the app but I’m surprised because its filters are not freely available and I need to purchase it first before I can use it. I’m just a student who doesn’t have money to buy so I borrowed my friend’s account for me to download it all and it works. I received nice comments and feedbacks saying that my pictures do have beautiful and aesthetic effect and quality. Problem came and I can’t open my friend’s VSCO CAM account so I just use its free filters that it came with but then, I am not convinced to what I edited and posted but one day, @vscoo.queenn helped me to restore those beautiful effects that I love on VSCO CAM, so now, I am continue loving my pictures.
I may not have a perfect instagram feed but through @vscoo.queenn, I started to love and appreciate everythying that I post online.

• Avail VSCO filters for only 150 Php and spotify premium for only 200 Php just follow @vscoo.queenn on instagram.


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