I made this blog because I love to write — I am obsessed with prose and poetry especially when it comes to love and friendship and self identity. I started writing last April 2015 so I decided to treasure the things that I write through making a blog like this so even though how many years may come, I can still read every type of poetry that I made to be motivated and to inspire others as well as they read everything about this blog.

I write about what is the current status, I write when I’m bored, I write what I am currently feeling because I am not an open person so I stand on what I believe in through writing and lastly, I write poems. I love reading and writing poems in my own vocabulary. Bear with me because many of my works are connotative and do not depend on its literal meaning.

As I’ve said earlier, I stand on what I believe in. I was once an Editorial Writer so I am a VERY opinionated person. Though, I don’t do debates, I know that I am indomitable in spirit.

if you will read my works, I hope I can lasso your attention NOT in a form of bragging because I know that I am not a conceited person. I write to inspire and NOT to brag, always remember that. enjoy reading! šŸ™‚


I am NOT a professional writer so I am still open for suggestions of what to write. Also, sorry for typographical errors and grammatically incorrect sentences that you might see because most of the time, I do not review what I posted.


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  1. I’m just skimming through different sites and came across yours. Very impressed with your maturity and inner thoughts expressed so eloquently. You are beautiful in and out. David

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