18 years ago today, A girl was born on a sunshine’s day And as a red balloon touched the floor, A full blossom of grace knocked into her door.   18 years ago today, Another blessings came into someone’s way. And as she wakes up everything with a smile, She captured every heart once in... Continue Reading →



Go ask my friends in school or whoever I’m always with about what is happening with me or how I’ve been during November and I’m sure that they’ll tell that I’m okay. Am I really okay back then or just pretending to be happy and hide my depression? This time, I will tell you what... Continue Reading →

Why do I love VSCO CAM?

I’ve been an active user of instagram since 2013 and just like those 13-year-old girls who know nothing but to selfie and take many photos, I myself did that as well. Before, I just post pictures of myself wearing those nerdy eyeglasses, loombands or even headphones without even noticing the quality of the pictures that... Continue Reading →


  AMORANTO, Ariandna Nerisse “Suffocating effects of todays Instant System”   Nowadays, everything is instant because of different gadgets and internet. Sometimes, the excessive usage of these gadgets can bring a lot of harm not just to other people but also to the user of it. In our generation today, bashing, side comments and sharing... Continue Reading →


Who needs makeup when you're confident-free? I wear makeup for me to gain self-confidence but if I don't have one, what's the reason of putting up any? To be honest, I do not find myself as physically attractive as others but I know I can shine on my own. Even though I don't have a... Continue Reading →

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